It also list a. Realtek HD Audio Drivers latest version: A user just installed SP3 and broke this. I followed ur steps UUA BUS thingy doesn’t show up in device manager, it’s a system device isn’t it possible to install it somehow so it does show, or I am talking nonsense here?

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Audio problem in acer aspire 4520.

You need the UAA before that to install this proper. If I try to attempt to comeback from standby, audio stops working unless I restart the system.

My audio will work on aver reboot, but it will not work after coming out of a suspend. Join our site today to ask your question.

I was able to remote into my sister’s computer and perform the fix as you described. Sign in to vote. I will assist in pointing out a direction but that’s it. Update 2 works for meeh.

Audio problem in acer aspire | Tech Support Guy

However please read carefully Update 3 section it is still relevant and link is functional as of today. Got the patch from Hydrogen Audio: Award Software International, Inc. I have aced following issues after SP3 install on an HP laptop W running XP Pro and going into and out of standby – – task bar resized to default, wireless adapter dead until reboot, and like you audio dead until reboot.


Realtek HD Audio Drivers latest version: If the driver for your sound device is already present, it will self-detect, install, and activate almost immediately upon installation of the UAA driver. Hi everyone i have big problem. However, I just found out now that the microphone does not work. Friday, July 28, 6: Here you can download internal high definition audio bus driver for Windows.

Bored SysAdmin’s Blog: Windows XP SP3 and Microsoft HD Audio UAA Problems (Update 3)

This was helpful 0. Go into Device Manager 2. Overclocking Audio problem InsaneCookiesAug 28,in forum: The official drivers for High Definition Audio. Sunday, July 30, 6: Are you referring to the zip file in your link under “Update 1”?

Then I downloaded the drivers from the Acer website. Websense Security thinks my website is Malicious and my best guess is because one of links I gave for kbxp2 patch was pointing to Rapid-share, which I guess makes my site assumed automatically to be malicious by Websense…. Hello members of Majorgeeks.


I know the audio hardware works because I have used Linux distro and sound is fine. Vostro based on Dell Inc After system restore I had my sound back and these drivers uninstalled, however I installed them again and the sound disapeared then for good, at that time I thought that there might be some incompatibilities, that’s why I haven’t instlled them, however if you want me to install them, I will do it.

This can only be installed after having reinstalled kbxpsp2. It appears that I need to install UAA driver 5.

This does allow iaa to work, but as long as I do not close the lid to the laptop. KB solves the problem without registry editing. Keep up the good work Then I found that the onboard sound had been disabled in the bios.