Everything seems to work ok, but ppp refuses to connect. These are the options needed to get this driver running. If you are using Mandrake 8. Now we compile and install the brctl utility, cc -o brctl brctl For kernels older than 2. This means you will have to kill your pppd or brctl utility by hand otherwise you have problems when plugging the modem in again. It will be overwritten!

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A kernel part and a user space part. If you have only one ip address, speectouch leave out the second line. The kernel module is responsible for all data traffic. If you are not seeing the version number, you are using version 1.

When I plug in the modem and it reaches sync, the system hangs. Now, go to the kernel directory. If this shows something like: If you wish to do this, you have to insert the speedtch.


There is a FAQ available. When I plugin my modem, the LED sequence never goes beyond step two and the syslog gives something like: Go to the kernel directory.

Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL PPP Free Driver Download

Configuring the kernel For easily configuring the kernel type: Problems have been reported with package ppp Using interface ppp0 pppd[]: The firmware to be pppp into the modem. Also, in the above example “0. Newer kernels already include this patch. If nothing is wrong, go the section of making the kernel and rerun: Check whether hotplugging is working.

It should look something like: From speedmgmt version 1. There is a catch here though.

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Upgrade your mgmt module to the latest version. Automatically dialing in at modem plugin. For kernels older than 2.

If the LED’s of the modem do not start their sequence, check whether the usb subsystem is started. As a quick check you can type: It is entirely possible to run this driver without using the hotplugging package. The connection comes up, but it is very slow, especially upstream.


Now we install the speedtoucb daemon: It should return something like: The kernel supplied with Mandrake 8.

SpeedTouch – Wikipedia

You will need to replace the two “user domain”s with your ADSL username. Both parts were originally released by Alcatel’s modem branchnow part of Thomson Multimedia. Do not forget to reboot before you continue! If you plug in a USB device, the console should give something like: Please send details and us logs to the mailing list.