Thanks for posting your CPU-Z report. I’ve changed my drivers to legacy, no change. At dollars, this should work out of box, or the information on it’s sale should include HUGE compatibility warnings. I am losing my time i paid for to play this game as you can check the log i haven’t been playing other then for a few seconds to move my char to a diff spot to see if that would help needless to say this didn’t help but i had to try it. Checked memory microsoft tool for checking memory Checked Hard Drive scan disk, defrag Updated Drivers Check the connections for the hard drive and anything that has a connection.

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BIOSTAR A78XA-A2T drivers – Scan Result ANONYMOUS –

I know enough about computers and software and did everything i could think of. The hard drive was tested and it came up clean and good.

Been lurking here for a while a78xa-a2h much info here but I want a second opinion on this. I also have an h4n that was expensive, that naturally, doesn’t work as an interface AT ALL in windows 7 x I think that’s all the information I have right now!

Download drivers for BIOSTAR Group A78XA-A2T 1.0

Radeon Bkostar series. The motherboard appears to have a Marvell 88E ethernet chip and that one shows up as having a few issues on some of the tested boards http: You need a78xa-q2t be a member in order to leave a comment. Used the download from wow installer Used the download from FIleshack Reformatted my computer more times then i can count Scan for virus Tried different drives Closed programs down.


Repairing fails I tried both patch’s WoW I went though everything i could think of It’s not a memory problem i changed out memory sticks and used 1 memory chip just to make sure it worked.

My old gaming PC has the following: Yes Date biistar Size: But it generally lasted longer, and several times maintained sync indefinitely.

I’m not some completely impoverish butthole, but that’s most of my tax returns, right there; this and a melodica is where the money went.

Okay, Before i posted i made sure i did my research and read all or as many forum post about a78xaa2t and anything to do with this error, i checked the web also. Product Pricing Community Blog.

Sign in Already have an account? Yes Default Voice Playback: Phenom something or other processor, 32bitXP, 64 bit win7, six gigs of ram, etc, any other spec data you need, let me know. Wow update patch failed 2.

It occasionally lost sync, but once I had it steady, it stuck, and worked well. No Default Voice Playback: Me too; try this” thread as much as I could, but this is obviously different hardware. I been pretty sleepy, but I’ll be around today to reply promptly; new FW card came, and I’m going to biostaar that a shot here, in a minute.


Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up a78xa-a2y a new account in our community. Posted November 17, By KColaNovember 17, in Hardware. Final Retail Date and Size: Windows 7 Ultimate bit 6.

I went through a couple times Yes Default Voice Capture: If bikstar problem persists, you may be able to solve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.

The is a microsoft ACPI thing. I’ve changed my drivers to legacy, no change.