So I downloaded the bios from the compaq website. The boards, the guts, everything. Yours in Electric-Ladyland, Carrington. Searching on the internet showed this to be a common problem. The bigger sticker had these numbers. Lift up and replace the processor. I know it needs a new motherboard, but works absolutely fine from AC with the battery removed.

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I use CAD type of applications that is working fine.

Compaq Presario FUS Notebook PC drivers | HP Notebook Drivers

They want about the same amount to replace motherboard. I watched the YouTube video lresario the GPU that got so hot it came unsoldered, however, I noticed he had lights but no screen.

Try reinstalling the wireless card driver. Thank you so much!. Anybody ever tried to replace one of these? The USb harness is not there. Thank you for all. I tested the power brick and even the battery with a multimeter and they seem to be working. Hello, what is the HP part number for the Mother Board for this laptop? Get it in days and plug it in and it will work to get you sound. Its working okay so far. No beep, no drive spinup, no backlight attempt, comapq.


Compaq Presario F557US instruction manual and user guide

After I emailed her what our experiences including we found while disaasemble, she never response. This will wireelss wireless connection and it will be on all the time.

So far all is well. It might shock the motherboard and the battery will start charging. I can plug it into a regular monitor and can see everything fine. When the plug is in the wireldss jack it lights up wirelese nothing happens when the power button is pressed. I can get it to power up for a second or two but then I have to let it sit for awhile before I can get it too do it again.

Disconnect both antenna cables from the wireless card.

After that you do the following: The disk is almost full. God bless you all and have fun. Also, the short musical tone that normally sounds as the computer is warming up when first turned on, does not sound. I think that sometimes, the people using the computers are also partly to blame. I dropped my laptop and broke the screen. And how is it that you access the bios preario this machine?


It opens and when I put a dvd in I hear it spin for a presari while and then stop. You follow disassembly steps to remove the top cover assembly. Test the laptop with each memory module separately.

These are suppose to happen because of the way HP made the laptops though!! Any ideas on what to do or what you think the problem could be? So the question is, what kind do I need, and does it matter if I get one with a new processor and video card, and if it does… back to the first question.

Can you give me advise what to do? Ranbe also has more than six years of professional information-technology experience, specializing in computer architecture, preasrio systems, networking, server administration, virtualization and Web design. Read removal and replacement procedures chapter.