I tried a low-budget old-school GPS about five years ago and was under-whelmed. The lacks some of the added features and programs that you can find in other GPS. Have a question about handheld? Distance from the current location to the next waypoint on the current route. I actually prefer it.

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I have had many Garmin Navigational Products over the years. Where no movement is not possible, a compass is needed. It is slightly more compact in size than thehas a better strap attachments and stores the data is in a gpx file.

A printed quick start guide is in the box but the manual in a pdf on the CD. In addition to the above, function wise, the adds a USB interface, faster satellite acquisition and forerex data transfer to the venerable Foretrex Thanks for your service!

Show More Show Less. Revolutions of the crank arm per minute requires optional speed and cadence sensor.

It just makes it easier to use. I highly recommend it. Several times in the last two seasons I have had to find my way back to camp in a whiteout. Does what it says on tin. I finally broke one of the pins that secure the wrist strap to the body by dropping my body armor on the ground and smashing it with the full weight of the plates.


Have a question about handheld? Accuracy of the position information Number and position of the satellites Accuracy of the position information Strength of the signals Number of the satellites.

The Foretrex is super lightweight and fits nicely on the wrist. Please share your experience. Helinox Ground Chair Review.

Garmin Foretrex 401 Review and a Garmin 601 vs 401 Comparison

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The reception under the trees was fine at least. Have fun on those hikes now that you can do them under your own conditions! The GPS feature of the Garmin Foretrex foretgex, on the other hand, helps you find your way around unknown routes conveniently.

You may also want to read through the Wiki page found at the wikipedia.

Measures the number of revolutions of the back wheel and the crank arm with magnets and a wireless sensor. The ratio of the horizontal distance traveled to the change in the vertical distance.

Electronics need to be intuitive enough so that instructions are unnecessary.


Appreciate the review and model comparison. I’ll always carry map and compass of course but this gadget, to me, foretres a keeper. More items related to this product.

forehrex I like the simple menus and graphics. In the meantime, we recommend that you upload activities from those devices to MotionBased. Excellent Garmin foretrex is a great design for any outdoor fanatic, whether your hiking, cycling, running or even camping it is a useful tool.

This is easily fixed by carrying more AAA batteries, but it still needs to be said. Ease of Use 8.

TRAMsoft GmbH – GARMIN Foretrex (english)

I use it all the time. Cons Not the latest model Battery life could be better Doesn’t have some of the extras that other GPS have Low-res black and white display. With high-sensitivity, flretrex Garmin GPS receiver locks onto satellites even under tree cover, or when adjacent to tall buildings.