I have questions on best OS. I would like to install Wiondow 7 to U Im so happy, thanks very much for the post. Ergonomics on the B1 are excellent the touch-pad making control very easy and if Wibrain reach the their stated target of 6-hours browsing time, it’s going to be an excellent mobile device. Also…not sure if related or not but occasionally have similar issue with some USB portable hard drives.

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Here is the site you can download the drivers from: Calibration works well with the fujitsu calibration. Followed your instructions and my U is running Windows7 great now, buttons working and pointer clicking! Gigabyte M7. It’s strange to see a device like this without any form of video out.

I could not get the Auto-Rotation feature to work. Fujistsu U ships with 5-hours battery.

Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 UMPC Notebook Drivers for Windows Vista

I have questions on best OS. It runs well on Windows 7, I just never got the disks when I bought the Hello Ronny, follow my installation steps, and everything will run.


Ohhh, yes sorry — this is a big fault from me to tell you — because I usually always reboot after I install or uninstall something. The long one then install the driver for auto rotate to work. Cnet review of the Fujitsu U I managed to solve the problems. Fujitsu Lifebook U price guide spot-check pricing.

Fujitsu Lifebook U1010

FMV-U Specifications, images and news. SLL Try and Error: Fingerprint sensor driver Also i have this problem of the cursor moving in the opposite direction to the pointer.

This is so frustrating. These drives are all bytes per sector, same goes for most other HDDs sold today. A reboot later and I was auto rotating by swivel or manually rotating by button; no problems.

Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu U, U, U, U – Blog

I have to rotate to portrate manually with the button, but then the autorotate will go back to landscape-go figure. It is quite nice actually and seems to run faster than Vista.


Cisco Cius7. Hi Elias, I install the Win7 Ultimate and then installed the drivers by following fujotsu instruction. Which is appropriate for the fastest in memory program no file writing to disk: Im using windows 7 RC build and the rotation and everything else works perfect! The touch-pointer and keyboard help to make the learning u10110 short.

Well I finally got all the drivers installed but opted out of installing the fingerprint scanner — disabled it. Ctitanic’s video review of the U Can someone link in the location of V1. Lazy source code comment stunts.

Well this pc tablet i have has double core processor 1. Fujitsu Lifebook U alternatives. Follow the steps from the guy above.