Check that your computer meets the operating environment requirements of the printer driver. Do not disconnect the USB memory directly after connecting it. Checking the printer driver type The following types of printer drivers are available. In the [Driver] tab, click [Update Driver This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page. If the printer driver is not correctly identified, the driver must be updated using [Update Driver

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The printer driver for this machine is ueb and the machine is ready to print. Select the check box of the printer driver you want to install, then click [Next].

You can also install the XPS driver in a similar way.

Installing the printer driver using the installer Connect the USB printer cable, insert the print driver CD-ROM into the drive, and install the software by following the on-screen instructions.

Some USB memory devices may not be supported. In the [Hardware] tab, click [Device Installation Settings]. Select this machine, then usbb [Next]. Right-click the device name of the machine that is under [Unspecified] and then click [Properties].

This driver has several advantages, 130d high-quality reproduction of translucence. This completes the installation process of the printer driver. This is a feature in Apple’s operating systems.


Supports Other Vendors’ Printers Printing is possible from printers from other vendors. Among the three drivers, this driver provides the fastest printing speed. Do not connect or disconnect the USB memory when the hourglass is being displayed in the Control Panel while this machine is active.

Universal Print Driver | KONICA MINOLTA

Supported Konicw memory devices USB memory devices that have the following specifications can be connected to this machine. This is a standard driver for printing general office documents. Connect this machine to the computer using a USB cable, and then start the computer. Printing procedure Connect the USB memory device to this machine, and on the Touch Panelspecify the file you want to print.


You can configure the optional 130v of this machine. When you finish installing the printer driver, configure the default settings of the printer driver. Install the printer driver for this machine.

Follow the instructions on the pages that follow. After you have installed the printer driver, change the setting back to [Yes, do this automatically recommended ]. Settings Description [Review] You can check the items that are installed.

Print a File from a USB Memory Device

In the [General] tab, click [Change Settings]. For features konuca each printer driver, refer to Here. Do not disconnect the USB memory device while saving a file to the device or printing a file saved in the device.


In Windows Server Administrator privileges are required to perform this task. Turn on the main power of this machine.

Checking the operating systems supported by the printer driver Check that your computer meets the operating environment requirements of the printer driver.

Advantages Strong partners for the mobile worker Our Universal Print Driver together with our various wireless printing solutions ensure a perfect match for your particular work style. Selecting a Printer According to Output Needs Printers can be selected according to specific output speed or functionality.

PS driver PostScript 3 Emulation This driver is effective for high-definition printing of data created in PostScript-supporting application software from Adobe or other vendors. AirPrint This is a feature in Apple’s operating systems. The [Found New Hardware Wizard] dialog box appears.