Can anyone please explain, in relatively “human” English, what I should do to fix this permanently! The fact that this issue is a regression from Gutsy to Hardy only makes it elegible for SRU scrutiny. How about you chaps ship that as the default kernel parameter for that module? And that was not a good fix. I have been trying almost all solutions since 3 days that I could find on google and couple of them on LQ. Here is my dmesg grep forcedeth: It has been stated that this is expected to be fixed in 2.

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Matt Zimmerman mdz wrote on Just a recap of my experience to help anyone who is trying to figure out whether the problem is fixed or not. I have a similar issue that only happens after suspend: Then I kept upgrading my kernel to newer git snapshots of Linus’s kernel throughout the 2. I was installing CentOS 5. For the MSI problem probably the best way to proceed would be to try out the latest vanilla kernel and if that fails as well go and open an upstream bug.


No such device One thing i noticed is the lsmod shows ipv6.

[all variants] unable to detech nvidia network MCP73 card in CentOS

But ifconfig -a show sit0 in addition to lo. I’m currently using a fresh install of 8. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

Can you try with latest Ubuntu release? This bug affects 3 people. The Gigabit was fine; the was nfg. I’m going to google while you read my reply. It doesn’t have anything to do with v6. Review your favorite Linux distribution.

The fix is not obvious. In the Gusty Tribe 5 live installer, open a terminal:. Does someone care to try the Hardy kernel at http: Please update your jcp73 drivers, as outlined here: No such device One thing i noticed is the lsmod shows ipv6. And I am afraid this will require some time and effort. There should kinux a green light indicating power and an amber light when data is being communicated.

Linux – Networking This forum is for any issue related to networks or networking. Black Sliver andreas-lausch on Secondly, I’m linuc clear on how accurate your network settings are – they seem to be fine linud but have you tried attaining address information from DHCP?


Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Here is the output of ifconfig -a: Is there any chance you have the card disabled in the BIOS or do you have the card administratively down like using the command ifdown or ifconfig eth0 down? Unfortunately the command you gave only disabled the nm applet, but network manager still ticks away eating up all 3GB of RAM.

Do you see lights on the device when it is connected? However every time I reboot my computer, alsamixer settings are lost.

Linux nForce Drivers

I’m getting this bug on Ubuntu Hardy Alpha5. I have installed enterprise linux OEL5 2. Here is my dmesg grep forcedeth: Centos virtual box installation issues Dcg2Feb 13,in forum: