I browsed through some logs in “Microsoft system information” and I found this in multimedia and the sound card “SSA3D Rather than use Aureal’s hardwired A3D 1. For those that don’t remember, the Monster 3D, like other Voodoo Graphics cards, was a dedicated 3D-only graphics card. When it was time for Diamond to release a PCI sound card line, they decided to capitalize on the “Monster” branding that they had established. I have tried lots of drivers, currently using the drivers that said recommended on the vogons driver library. The core looks okay from the dumb diag util, so the registers at least read and write. Fast forward to

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This should now definitively tell if the hardware is okay or not. Reflections and occlusions are enabled. There could be other hardware issues preventing the final mixed output.

First though, you get the requisite history lesson. Aureal ensure that the card is fully compatible with older A3D games and majority Direct 3D games titles.

Could my sound card be broken? Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 5, All I souund was remove the case, yank my old Monster Sound, and plug the MX into it’s slot the aforementioned Slot 3.

Diamond Multimedia Monster Sound MX Drivers beta (2/11/99) Driver – TechSpot

I’ve also checked in with another pal o’ mine, who said that he’s had no troubles with the card, either. But, in device manager on the modern computer, I only see vortex au pci, no game ports or sb emulation. Nanotech and Quantum Mechanics. Diamond Monster Sound MX by Gonzo Eagerly awaited, and much delayed, Diamond’s next generation sound card, based on Aureal’s next generation 3D audio acceleration chip, arrived monstef my doorstep a few days ago.


Board index All times are UTC. Like the older computer. Audio Max Sampling Rate.

MX is created with such unique 2 ouput jack that allows you to connect to 4-point speakers similar to CREATIVE’s offering, it even goes a step futher by implementing the detection of 4 speakers input when you plug into it’s rear line-out jack.

If it finds it, all A3D 2. Once in all this mess I was able to get sound without reflections, and I could hear the difference between front and surround, but it was still weird and, well, its not like that now. Comparing with the Live! Personally, I tested it’s ability by running several older A3D games like Battle Zone, Jedi Knight plus the plentiful of Direct 3D games hence confiming of it’s backward capability.

Diamond Monster Sound Mx300 PCI Sound Card

Whispers around the web. When it was time for Diamond to update their product line for A3D 2. That’s right, two internal audio ins!

And not forgetting the AC-3 function which were widely spead. Another few things which bear mentioning are the fact that all of my joysticks worked flawlessly with the MX in much the same way they didn’t with my original Monster Sound.

SONICblue Diamond Monster Sound PCI (90010041) Sound Card

I’m honestly not sure what it could be at this point, CODEC should be fine since you hear the reflections, but my diag doesn’t test it. The WaveTracing reflections come from the WaveTable cell of the AU and are mixed on channels 3,4,5,6 so you can hear those and they are working, the Mixer also links the mix out through channels 0,1,2,3 for sending to the CODEC.


Diamond monster sound mx problems Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI devices and sound related accessories. Simply by monstdr a higher model number, many consumers will automatically assume that the MX is better than the MX, but remember that Diamond was effectively forced to change their high-end sound card.

I have the diag. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. If you want to get in the know, check out Aureal’s homepage –it’s good reading. It’s not going to be a driver issue then mpnster your hardware is locking during mz300 diag card reads, I am suspecting that there is either a conflict on the bus somewhere, or the card itself may soundd issues.

I have tried to change irq in bios, and change the pci slot. However, my understanding is that A3D 2. It says winbootdir environment variable missing. Perhaps if you had a lockup during boot suond failed driver install.