If you don’t have the editor you can get here. Another way is to send the Motif audio into Mac using the audio outs via an audio interface. Port 1 is your main port. Originally Posted by bobleworm Hi everyone, I would love to have some help with my motif xs8. All of this is covered in the Reaper User Guide. I never used anvil studio before, mind helping me walk through the process? Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

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However i’ve tried different settings directly on the xs8 and it didn’t work.

Yamaha Motif XS8 Problem with Reaper – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Send a private message to bobleworm. Send a private message to Adida. When you are restoring a previously saved Cubase Project you will want the Editor to send your saved data back to the Motif XF.

Next you will create a track layout. I’m not shure that i’m on the new firmware so i’ll try to update and i’ll keep you informed. You posted while I wrote the above.

By un-assigning the HUI, i’ve managed to make sound enter to structure. OK, I don’t think that I left anything out Making your own Template highly recommended.


David Nahmani Site Admin.

Firmware and Software

However i still have the ueb problem in protools. This will be your own personal preference. Tue May 25, 9: However I was able to get to the midi testing page as anvil studio was able to read the cable midi However I am uncertain if it is setup correctly — So far from what I know, it says from usn test these messages: Ultimately, you will want to create your own once you develop a preference of how you like to work.

If you know how i can make the midi editor to detect the motif, i wait your advices!

Logic and Yamaha Motif XS8 – Logic Pro Help

I think the issue is with the midi configuration. The people at usn store told me that I could set it up just like I had done with my midi controller through a USB straight into the Mac.

I use it ALL the time. The only problem is that you’re not seeing any MIDI from your keyboard. Thu Jan 31, 1: Do you get any sound if you press keys on the Reaper Virtual Keyboard? I’ve done a lot of research on mido to setup the Motif XS with Logic 8, and I’ve tried a moti of different things, I even looked at old posts on this forum, but without any luck. Send a private message to slipstick.


The strange thing is that it works perfectly fine on logic pro.

But I had it installed in the past because I had a steinberg interface and I made also that shot. I may be wrong but I solved the problem installing the drivers version 1. It will also require that the correct firmware v 1.

Logic Pro Help

I have purchased reaper a month ago with no possible solution for how to get my yamaha to work inside of it. Cubase will ask you to select a directory for your Project.

Really annoying when recording. Wed May 26, Tue May 25, It sends the info “press on” and “release” but the sound isn’t hold when i keep the key down so i have “on-cut nosound -info release so nosound “. Ush sure the Motif MIDI set up page on the Motif is set to send and receive correctly see the manual if you’re not sure how to do this.

Place your cursor at the left downfacing triangle out port and drag to the left triangle of the Motif Device in port.