Advanced Video card Benchmarks: The included 6-pin to 8-pin adaptor suggests that the card only really needs 75Watts of power from each connector the max from 6-pins , but you really shouldn’t try to run this baby with less than a Watt PCI-express ready PSU. We recommend you to check with your local supplier for exact offers. OpenGL Version Support 2. Automatically list the detail system configuration, it helpful for engineering service people.

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MSI RX2- T2D1G-OC specifications

Advanced Video card Benchmarks: Maximum power draw should hover somewhere around W, then. Joined Dec 13, Messages 2, 0. I need a new bios for the card to repair the black screen bug. Keep in mind that some of this additional power is being drawn by the CPU and memory. Forums New posts Search forums. Credit is due to Guru3d for coming up with this one, and you’ll find that it applies to just about any ATI Radeon videocard on the market now.

The card features two PCI express power connectors, one six pin and one eight pin. The cooling solution is very quiet, especially during 2D usage, ksi it is virtually silent.


Why this should be is not really clear, as ATI’s next-generation dual R HD X2 design uses DDR5 memory‚Ķ Possibly the interconnects on the part necessitate slower and more stable video memory, while the faster connections are better suited to the HD X2.

The 8-pin can deliver a whopping R33870x2 though the card has been designed to work with two 6-pin connectors as well.

More detailed power consumption info to come About Us Employment Privacy Policy. If you play around with the values you’ll find a happy medium to achieve low temps and moderate noise levels. The fan is a ‘squirrel-cage’ type as found on just about all of today’s high end video cards, and air is guided across the large red aluminum heatsinks by a shaped plastic duct. A game or two never goes wrong either. Use ATIflash You have to flash the card twice, one for each gpu.

MSI RX2 1GB Bios | TechPowerUp Forums

Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country. To provide this support, both the graphics adapter and the display need to have an HDCP transmitter and receiver respectively. Please consult the product specifications page for full details. HD X2 Still Competitive? A quick start guide and driver CD round out the bundle. Energy consumption jumps a lot when the video cards are stressed under a 3D gaming load in 3DMark Automatically release the system memory space, reduce the risk of system hang-up.


That’s a change of about W when this dual card is working at its peak. HD X2 Still Competitive? The memory runs at the stock Mhz of all Radeon based cards. Colorize your vision when browsing digital photos!!!

MSI R3870X2-T2D1G-OC

The rear components are covered by a black aluminum sectioned heatsink, which is not directly connected to the front cooling solution. OpenGL Version Support 2. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

By the numbers, the R feature stream processors, 16 raster operation units and 16 texture units. Next, within Windows Vista go to:. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. DX10 Video card Benchmarks: Beginners Guides Cases and Access.